Thursday, August 4, 2011

Crochet Then and Now!


THEN: People first crocheted with wool yarn or fine cotton, silk, or linen thread.

NOW: There is a large variety of materials used now, such as Acrylic, cotton, wool, nylon…and so on. There is an increase in the demand for more organic materials.

Crochet Hooks

THEN: Vintage Victorian hooks were handmade, usually with materials such as real ivory, brass, various woods, and other bone material. Most vintage hooks were ornately carved and that the more ornately carved crocheting hooks had a higher likelihood of being a wedding gift. It is believed that the earliest crocheted projects were made by finger crocheting using fingers instead of the traditional crochet hook that we use today.

NOW: Today, crochet hooks are made in a variety of sizes and materials. They range is sizes that are small and delicate used for lacey works or large and bulky used for afghans.
The materials used can be aluminum, plastic and metal.
Surgeons typically include a crochet hook as one of the primary instruments when performing arthroscopic surgery.


THEN: Crocheting, as we know it today, did not become widely popular until the 1840's. Crochet was primarily looked at as a womans hobby.

NOW: Men are starting to crochet for it’s relaxing qualities.


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