Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Spring and Summer

Infant Sleeper/Dress and Diaper Cover - $19.50

This adorable outfit is made to fit infants up to 3 months. Made from 100% Acrylic yarn, this item can be made with any two colors. This item can also be made to fit infants up to 1 month (8 or 9 pounds) using baby weight yarn. Please specify the size and colors when ordering.

Baby Doll Top/Dress - $22.50

This pic is of a custom dress made from Raspberry 100% Acrylic yarn.

This item is my own design. Your child can wear it over a shirt or onesie while the weather is still chilly and then wear it alone when the weather gets warm!


3 months - Chest 16"
6 months - Chest 17"
12 months - Chest 18"
18 months - Chest 19"
24 months - Chest 20"
3-5 yrs - Chest 22"

If you would like an exact fit please put chest measurements and desired length starting at the base of the neck when you order. Please let me know the color you would like this in when ordering. Email your order to and I will send a paypal invoice within 24 hours of receipt of order.

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