Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Grab Bag Sale Results!

Thank you to everyone who purchased a Grab Bag! Here are the results...using I know all the bags were not purchased but I still wanted to show where the prizes ended up. These numbers match the numbers on my facebook page. Please e-mail me with your choice of colors and sizes of the items you won. Information for each item can be found here on my blog. Don't hesitate to e-mail with questions.

1 Baby Doll Top
2 Booties or slippers
3 Wide Headband with flower
4 Booties or slippers
5 Shrug
6 Flower Cap
7 Booties or Slippers
8 Flower Cap
9 Flower Cap
10 Booties or slippers
11 Booties or slippers
12 Wide Headband
13 Wide Headband with flower
14 Flower Cap
15 Wide Headband with Flower


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